A watch that can be worn from youth to old age

Since 2018, when Baume & Mercier launched its first Clifton Baumatic watch, the collection has become one of Baume & Mercier’s most popular watches. Its great looks, its high-performance in-house movement and its conscientious price are important factors. Unlike the introductory large three-hand model, the Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic 10548 Automatic Day-Date Moon Phase is a new timepiece appearing in 2020, a small complication with day, date and moon phase displays.

A small complication, not as “delicate” as a perpetual calendar, but one that satisfies the aspirations and fantasies of mechanical watch lovers. And as always, Baume & Mercier’s aesthetic is on point. The Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic 10548 Automatic Day Date Moon Phase features a lacquered gradient grey dial, a new colour scheme for the Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic collection. Grey is a range of colours between black and white, with no hue or purity, only lightness. Grey is a neutral colour and can be worn with any colour, so anyone can wear grey clothes and a grey watch. It’s hard to talk about grey without mentioning ‘high grey’, which is the term used to describe those greys that have a sense of style and charm. This is clearly the case with the Baume & Mercier 10548, whose gradation from light to medium to dark grey is the direct source of its premium feel. This rich layering gives the watch its own style: the coolness of a sexually cool style, but also the mystery and serenity of a watch that is discreet, elegant,AAAA Replica Watches UK restrained and reserved.

In addition to the sense of sophistication that colour gives, the dial layout of the Baume & Mercier 10548 is also noteworthy. It follows the principle of “symmetry”, with a pointer-type day display at 12 o’clock, a circular moon phase display with a pointer-type date at 6 o’clock, the “BAUMATIC 5 DAY” at 3 o’clock and the Baume & Mercier logo at 9 o’clock. at 9 o’clock. Symmetry is a natural beauty, as the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras once said: “Beautiful lines and all other beautiful forms must have symmetrical forms.” The aesthetics of symmetry also plays an important part in Chinese aesthetics, and this symmetry is common in Chinese palaces and Chinese gardens. The symmetrical layout of the Baume & Mercier 10548 presented on the gradient high-grade grey dial is balanced in proportion, harmonious and natural, and looks very comfortable and durable.

Personally, I love the moon phase display on the Baume & Mercier 10548, with the bright moon hanging beautifully high above the blue starry sky. The grey smoky crystal glass makes both moons visible on the moon phase disc, allowing us to appreciate the beauty of the moon phases to the maximum. The 42mm steel case with its polished satin-finished double bevelled case perfectly accentuates the gradient grey dial, which is enhanced by the trapezoidal studded hour markers and the elegant Alpha-shaped gold-plated hands. With so many different forms of hands and hour-markers, it is not easy to design a perfect match, and the Baume & Mercier 10548 succeeds in making it feel like it should be just like that. This design is, of course, a feature of the entire Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic collection.

A watch that can be worn from youth to old age

A mechanical watch that can truly be worn from youth to age is one in which the movement is crucial. The Baume & Mercier 10548 is powered by Baume & Mercier’s own Baumatic line of movements. Ever since Baume & Mercier launched its first in-house mechanical movement, the Baumatic, in 2018, it has quickly become a signature of Baume & Mercier and is highly sought after by watch enthusiasts for its exceptional quality. The Baumatic BM14 self-winding movement in the Baume & Mercier 10548 is equipped with a new module that combines day, date and moon phase functions. Like other Baumatic movements, the new movement offers a 5-day power reserve, 1500 gauss resistance to magnetism, chronometer-level precision (-4/+6 seconds) and a recommended service interval of greater than 5 years. The 120-hour power reserve is a plus even today, when long power is generally sought. The resistance to magnetism, the high precision and the considerable maintenance intervals certainly add to the appeal of the watch. As for the finishing of the movement, it is not top-notch, but it is also quite sincere, as evidenced by the circular-grained bridges, the snailed and sandblasted chassis, and the openworked oscillating weight decorated with Côtes de Genève and snailed motifs.

The Baume & Mercier 10548 is fitted with a self-adhesive blue alligator leather strap lined with bright stitching in burgundy. The strap is designed with a system of curved lug pins that can be replaced without any tools. The blue alligator strap echoes the moon phase display on the gradient grey dial in a harmonious and unified way. Given the inclusivity of the grey dial, whatever colour strap you choose, you will not be far off.

A watch that can be worn from youth to old age

The Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic collection has always been known for its good value for money, and this is reflected in the Baume & Mercier 10548. Equipped with an in-house movement, a five-day power reserve, 1,500 gauss resistance, chronometer-grade precision, day, date and moon phase display, a “fairy” face and a quick-change strap, the Baume & Mercier 10548 is officially priced at RMB 33,800. To be honest, there aren’t many small complications with in-house movements available at this price, especially with such good looks, performance and quality. The Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic 10548 Automatic Day Date Moon Phase is a rare example of performance and functionality in its price range, and has few rivals, if any.

A delight to the eye How sophisticated is the father of the tourbillon

It is well known that the tourbillon was invented by the master watchmaker Breguet, initially to counteract the effects of the earth’s gravity on the structure of mechanical watches. Breguet placed all the escapements (including the balance wheel, balance spring, escapement fork, escapement wheel and other parts) in a rotating cage that rotated one week a minute, so that the effects of gravity cancelled each other out as a whole, smoothly solving the problems caused by gravity. Later on, after the quartz crisis you understand, the precision of mechanical watches has taken a very secondary place. The tourbillon’s main role moved from precision to ornamentation.

Whereas the dial of a normal watch is basically stationary except for the seconds hand, a tourbillon watch has a large mechanical structure turning, which is already highly ornamental. Since ornamentation is a consideration, a few things are important:perfect fake rolex uk firstly, the tourbillon must be large. Many watches have a small tourbillon structure and a small window, which makes it difficult to see, which is a way of avoiding the long and short of it. There are not many tourbillons that satisfy these three points, and it is up to Breguet to interpret the classic tourbillon.