A watch that can be worn from youth to old age

Since 2018, when Baume & Mercier launched its first Clifton Baumatic watch, the collection has become one of Baume & Mercier’s most popular watches. Its great looks, its high-performance in-house movement and its conscientious price are important factors. Unlike the introductory large three-hand model, the Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic 10548 Automatic Day-Date Moon Phase […]

A delight to the eye How sophisticated is the father of the tourbillon

It is well known that the tourbillon was invented by the master watchmaker Breguet, initially to counteract the effects of the earth’s gravity on the structure of mechanical watches. Breguet placed all the escapements (including the balance wheel, balance spring, escapement fork, escapement wheel and other parts) in a rotating cage that rotated one week […]